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Vienna 1&2 October 2015

Vienna 1&2 October 2015

On 1&2 October I visited with my good friend Vienna. Weather was very excellent when we arrived at the Urban Stay Hotel Columbia. A cute hotel with only 10 rooms. We stayed at room 5 and it was absolutely amazing. There was a small breakfast room, you feel like you are at home and the breakfast was so good 😀 .

On our first afternoon we visited the Naschmarkt. The scents of sweets and spices were incredible. Our next stop was at an italian restaurant…. hmm delicious! I really like italian food, especially pizza is my favourite 🙂 .

In the evening it was time for the concert. The reason we drove Vienna: AGAINST THE CURRENT <3 . One of my favourite bands was in the city, I couldn’t miss this event. They played at the Chelsea bar, and it was so amazing. I was really flashed, but unfortunately time was passing by too fast. Chrissy, Dan and Will nearly performed one hour… nonstop! They performed their songs by their „Gravity“ and „Infinity“ album, did covers and showed us their new single „Outsiders“. The concert was an unforgettable experience <3 <3 <3 .

The next day we went shopping (YAY! 😀 ) and to the Stephansdom. At the Kärtnerstraße we visited H&M, Forever 21 and the Steffl Departmentstore. On the 6th floor special shoes were waiting… Chiara Ferragni’s! The only store in Austria where you can buy them. So my friend and I had to visit it, because I was really annoying, I had to see these shoes 😀 . It was like heaven (Girls, you may know what I mean 😀 ). They also had shoes and bags by Valentino, Kenzo, Salvatore Ferragamo and so much more <3 The Chiara Ferragni shoes I’ll show you on my next post, so be prepared! 😀

These 2 days in Vienna were so beautiful and cool, everything was perfect!

<3 <3 <3

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