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Noir- Night is coming

Noir- Night is coming

The night- dark, classy and shady. Like this, I would describe one of my favorite fashion colors, black. I really like it to wear black clothes, black accessories and black shoes. Since the first time I saw Valentino’s Rockstud high heels and ballerinas I was absolutely flashed by the design. I always wanted to buy ones, but unfortunately they are too expensive. So I decided to search for shoes with a similar design and I’m so happy that I found them! At I found Rockstud ballerinas, which are similar to the „Noir“ ones by Valentino and only cost 28€.

Today I made a comfortable outfit with the ballerinas, that I want to show you in a few pictures:

<3 T-Shirt and watch by New Yorker

<3 Jeggins by C&A

<3 Sunglasses by H&M

<3 Necklace bought in Italy

<3 Bag by Forever18

<3 Perfume „OH LOLA“ by Marc Jacobs

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