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Back to……….. Carinthia :D (and nearly Italy again :D)

Back to……….. Carinthia :D (and nearly Italy again :D)

Back to……….. Carinthia :D (and nearly Italy again :D)

Today I visited the beautiful city Spittal/Drau. The weather was (as always when I’m reading my last posts) hot (34° ! :D). But the way to Spittal was not very easy, because we took the wrong way and drove at first to the Ossiacher Sea. And then we nearly drove to Italy (For me it was a YAY-Moment, because our first plan was to visit Tarvisio :D).

I really like Spittal, because a special person showed me this city I’ve never been before so, I had to come back again!

We went shopping (yes I enjoy it :D) and ate a little snack at the park. There are many stores for shopping, a small shopping center with a cinema and outside along the street are many shops. The park is big and well-kept, perfect to spend a few minutes (or hours :D) there.

I think we spent more time in the car, than in Spittal. But for me it’s not too hard, I always choose good music for a long trip on my iPad or CD-Player.

<3 The first 2 pictures are showing the Ossiacher Sea

<3 The 2nd two are showing the park in Spittal

IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0661 IMG_0663



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