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A Beautiful Day In Italy And Austria Part 2

A Beautiful Day In Italy And Austria Part 2

A Beautiful Day In Italy And Austria Part 2

So our next stop was Velden on the Woerthersee. Velden is like a dream. Water clear and blue, there are many benches you can sit and stare at the beautiful sea. The weather was perfect this day, and it was so hot (one of the last summer days here in Austria 😀 ). I’ve been there before, almost 5 years ago, although it’s not too far away from my hometown, but I didn’t make it before. We stayed a while on the seaside where the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel is. It’s an very impressive hotel, one day I want to spend a few days there! 😀

It was very relaxing to be there for a while in Velden. At the Aqua cafe-restaurant I drank a strawberry milkshake <3 Just like the milkshakes you get in Italy, so good! The sundaes also look very delicious, my parents ate Coppa Fragola. Hmmmm <3

If you are a gambler and like to spend your money you can visit the Casino Velden, with beautiful and welcoming atmosphere.

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